Monday, August 27, 2012

Version 0.9.0 of Attendance Tracker is now available

Attendance Tracker version 0.9.0

This version contains the following new features and improvements:
  • Metrics output was already available in CSV format, now also in excel!
  • The notes/memo fields are bigger, the cursor is now placed directly after existing text.
  • Dialogs now stay (also after a rotation change)
  • It is now possible to generate an 'instance overview' (excel)
  • The contact pictures show larger on tablet devices
  • Notes of participants, instances and attendances are showing in the excel output

Download this version now from Google Play:

Screenshots showing an example of the excel output:

The event summary page - this summary provides an overview of a certain period, it shows the number of instances, the numer of participants to the event and for each participant their attendance in the selected period:

An instance page - this provides an overview of a single instance. It shows the date, instance notes and for each participant the status during the instance (in, out, sick or unknown).

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Question: are participants synced with contacts in Android?

Many users ask the following question:

"I create an event in Attendance Tracker, and add participants to the event from the contacts on my device. If I update a device contact (change name or picture) will the participant in Attendance Tracker also get updated?"

The answer:

Yes, Attendance Tracker is fully synced with your Android contacts: when you create a participant to an event using a device contact, the participant is kept in sync with the device contact.

Changes to the name or picture of the contact automatically appear in Attendance Tracker.

When you delete the contact from the device, Attendance Tracker transforms the participant in the event to become "app local". The sync is stopped, but you will still have the contact (and any associated historical data in Attendance Tracker). You can also re-link an app local contact to a Android contact again using the context menu in the event setup page.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

MyRelation: +12.500 downloads

The Android application MyRelation has reached +12.500 downloads.
Most users (42%) from Germany!

Use this app to see and share how long you have been in a relation (days, weeks, years etc.). The app can also tell you what percentage of your life you have been in the relation:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Positive feedback!

Great feedback from several users of Attendance Tracker

Eitan - I just tried out something like 5 different attendance apps, and in my opinion this is the best. Features I like: -- intuitive to use -- shows pictures of students (decent size too) -- taking attendance is very quick and easy -- ability to import a contact group

AB - fast response and corrections, Awesome app with an awesome service :D

Sebastian - This App is perfect for the attendence of my windbands. I easily can check the attendences. The author even reacted on my suggestion for comments for a event.

Sean - Awesome Customer Service This app is very easy to use. I would give this app 10 stars if I could as the support email is quick to respond. Also when the updates had been pushed they didn't just wait for me to get the update thru google they sent me a personal email letting me know that my issues had been addressed. VERY happy with this app.

Lukasz - Sehr praktisch (German)

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

new app launched: app!(currently only available in Dutch)

Sta je aan de bar en weet je niet welk shotje je wilt hebben? Zorg dat je altijd je favoriete shotjes op zak hebt! Download de app gratis via de Google Play Store of door op onderstaande afbeelding te klikken.

Meer informatie over de app is te vinden op:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Attendance Tracker now has 2000 users

Attendance Tracker for Android has now more than 2000 users and a 5 star rating in Google Play.

Experience the intuitive interface, and easily manage attendance for any type of event using your Android device.