Sunday, September 2, 2012

Using the notes field in Attendance Tracker

Many users have the need to register certain extra information in Attendance Tracker next to the status of a participant during an instance (in, out, sick or unknown). Examples are:

  • A student that is tardy (late)
  • If a course participant has paid for following part of a course
  • An absent reason
  • etc.

To enable you to register this type of information in Attendance Tracker the participant notes field has been created.

Follow the steps below to learn how this can be used:

In an event instance, the notes button shows for each participant. Clicking on this button will allow you to set a note for this participant in this instance.

Viewing and/or editing the notes is done in this pop-up window:

When clicking OK in the pop-up, the note will be stored and the icon of the button changes to the "information" icon:

When an excel sheet is being generated (using the metrics section of the app), all written notes will appear in the excel output. This allows you to view the notes in other software (Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice, Google spreadsheets etc.).


  1. Thanks for the freat application. I am thinking of using it in my class but first I need to know how much it is to remove limitations. Can you inform me?

  2. Hello,

    thank you for your question. In the next release of Attendance Tracker the prices of the features will be shown directly in the app.

    Hereby an overview of the current prices:

    -Attendance Tracker Adfree: €1,89
    -Attendance Tracker Extended Limits: €1,39
    -Attendance Tracker No Limits: €1,99
    -Attendance Tracker No Limits and Adfree: €3,49

    The price is converted to other currencies based on these prices in Euros.

  3. Thanks for the reply. It is really cheap. I will buy it soon..